What is the secret behind the WindowPro?

Impressive technology!

Spraying, cleaning and drying in just 1 step and with a single tool.
How is it actually possible?
WindowPro is a real all-rounder. In this article, we will put these under the microscope for you.

The WindowPro proves that it’s whats is on the inside that counts! The secret behind the tool for cleaning windows is sophisticated technology which not only makes cleaning easier and quicker, but also cleans glass surfaces without leaving behind streaks.

The technology at a glance:

The spray button is located on the upper side of the handle, is clearly visible and practical to use. When the button is pressed, the really exciting things happen on the inside of the tool for window cleaning. This is where the centerpiece – the battery-operated membrane pump – is located. Activated when the button is pressed, it automatically pumps the optimal amount of glass cleaner from the tank and dispenses it from the spraying nozzle. The spraying nozzle is integrated into the pad holder. Since the Pro Microfiber Pad has a hole in the middle, the glass cleaner can be sprayed precisely and without any dripping. The cleaning liquid thus only lands exactly where you want it to: on the pane of glass. Only a minimal amount of glass cleaner is actually used in the process; the pane is therefore only slightly wetted. The result? Professional, streak-free, clean windows in just one “swipe”.

Given that the power is supplied to the WindowPro by two 3V AA batteries, you can get going straight away – without the need to charge up the tool first. Incidentally, the WindowPro guarantees consistently strong performance for approx. 3,000m² of surfaces.

But it is not only the inside of the WindowPro which is well thought-out. When it comes to flexibility, the tool for window cleaning impresses with its high-quality technology. For example, you can extend it by attaching it to an extension pole – such as when window surfaces are obstructed by furniture or other objects or are located at great heights. Practical: the battery-operated membrane pump can then be trigged by a spray button on the handle of the pole.

Does the topic of technology interest you? Then you are probably also asking yourself how the Pro Microfiber Pad manages to successfully pick up so much cleaning liquid and dirt without losing its cleaning power. Take a look inside the exciting Pro Microfiber Pad here.


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