Achieving streak-free windows

How to do it quickly and easily – with perfect results guaranteed!

Everybody wants sparkling clean windows. But nobody has time for laborious cleaning nor do they want to bother with moving furniture around or climbing ladders – something which can be dangerous in itself.
And it is all completely unnecessary, too!
It is so simple to achieve streak-free windows with the WindowPro – and in just one “swipe”. It allows you to quickly and easily rise to even the most difficult of challenges.

If you do not want to have to think about window cleaning, but would rather simply get going, work in a comfortable manner and achieve squeaky clean results, then the WindowPro is the tool for you. The window cleaning device for indoor and outdoor glass surfaces sprays, cleans and dries in just one working step – super quick, simple to use and streak-free results guaranteed.
The WindowPro allows you to master the following situations just like the pros.

Super quick and simple to use – perfect for cleaning windows in no time at all

Has somebody suddenly announced that they are going to pay you a visit and you want your windows to truly sparkle both inside and outside? Or do you want to partially clean certain areas from time to time? Then the cleaning process should of course be super quick and uncomplicated – but still with perfect results guaranteed. You are sure to save time if you use the WindowPro. No preparation is required for the work – you can simply get going immediately by pressing on a button. The big advantage here? No more spraying, washing, squeegeeing, all of these stages are completed quickly and reliably in just one working step when you use the battery-operated device. Not only does this mean you clean in a simpler manner, but you can also complete the work up to 36 percent faster* – leaving your windows glistening with streak free results in no time al all.

Comfortable – No more ladders, steps or balancing acts

You enjoy your perfect domestic bliss when your house is flooded with light from the many windows and you have a fantastic view outside; however, the window cleaning that you have meant to do for a while is rather less fun to say the least. Working on large-scale windows, cleaning skylights or cleaning the conservatory is not only laborious, but also requires you to use your entire body. Climbing ladders or steps can also be dangerous.
But never fear – the WindowPro has proved its worth here, too. It may be fitted to an 85-centimeter extension pole, thus ensuring that you can reach difficult-to-access window surfaces, such as skylights, the sloped glass surfaces of the conservatory roof or the upper areas of large-scale panoramic windows, without any problems. Heights of up to 2.80 meters will no longer pose any difficulties – an absolute bonus with regards to safety and comfort.

Flexible – access all areas

Perhaps you are following the trend towards open and airy living arrangements in your home. You achieve this on the one hand with transparent elements, such as glass tables, mirrors or glass partition walls from which you must regularly remove grease residues and dust, and, on the other hand, with home furnishings which you position freely in the room.
However, what looks modern ultimately creates obstacles to cleaning: access to windows or glass surfaces is often blocked by furniture. And who wants to complete the laborious task of moving the sofa alone or turning half of the living room upside down just to clean two windows?
That is why flexibility is required for cleaning!
Something which is guaranteed by the WindowPro: it has a joint which may be rotated by 120 degrees, thus allowing difficult-to-access areas or angles to be cleaned without any problems. The extension pole is a good option here, too. It massively increases the working radius. This ensures that you can reach difficult areas and simply work over the top of your furniture ­– whilst guaranteeing that it is not affected by the cleaning fluid or dirty dripping water.

And it is so simple to use

It is as simple to use the WindowPro as it is effective. First of all, fill the tank of the battery-operated device with the provided glass cleaner. This guarantees perfect results. A spray button is practically positioned on the upper side of the handle. If the button is pressed, the battery-operated membrane pump – integrated into the microfiber pad – automatically dispenses an optimal amount of the glass cleaner onto the pane. The dosage is precise and guarantees no dripping thanks to the fact that the pump is embedded into the microfiber pad. Only a minimal amount of the glass cleaner is used; the pane is thus only slightly wetted.

Now all you have to do is clean the indoor and outdoor window surfaces from top to bottom. Thanks to its square shape and the 120-degree joint, the WindowPro also allows you to easily reach the corners of the windows. The triple-layered, professional microfiber pad picks up dust, pollen and grime like a magnet. This ensures that the damp pane is cleaned and dried without leaving behind any streaks.

The result? Professionally cleaned, streak-free windows in just one “swipe”.

Particularly sustainable: you can clean up to 50m2 of glass surfaces – equivalent to approximately 30 standard windows – with each re-usable. You can then comfortably wash the WindowPro microfiber pad in the washing machine up to 500 times. The provided, high-performance glass cleaner is sufficient for approx. 77m2, equivalent to around 45 standard windows.

Achieving streak-free windows really can be that easy – trust in UNGER and get guaranteed professional quality in your own home!

*Compared to conventional window cleaning with spray and a cloth


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