How to sparkle when cleaning windows

Get it right first time!

Getting going right away, working comfortably, achieving squeaky clean results – who would have thought that cleaning windows could be so easy? Learn here how you, too, can become a pro cleaner with the WindowPro:

Do you want to make your windows sparkle, both on the inside and the outside, but without wasting the entire day? Or perhaps you simply want to clean from time to time without the need for any preparation? With the WindowPro, you can quickly and easily achieve streak-free first time results.

Spraying, cleaning and drying at the same time – with one single movement!

Here’s how to achieve streak-free results in just three steps:


Step 1:

Position the tool

First of all, position the tool for window cleaning in the top right-hand corner of the window. Thanks to its square shape, it fits perfectly into the corner. A spray button is practically located on the upper side of the handle. When this is pressed, the nozzle – integrated into the Pro Microfiber Pad – automatically sprays the optimal amount of glass cleaner onto the pane of glass by means of an internal battery-operated membrane pump.

Step 2:

Distribute the glass cleaner across the pane

Press the spray button for one second and then move the tool diagonally across to the bottom left-hand corner in order to distribute the glass cleaner across the pane. This will ensure that the Pro Microfiber Pad and the surface are optimally wetted – minimal use of the glass cleaner will thus be sufficient.

Step 3:


You then move the WindowPro directly up the window and can start to clean the window in S-shape motions from left to right and top to bottom (see image). You can even reach difficult-to-access areas without any problems thanks to the joint which may be rotated by 120 degrees. Just like a magnet, the 3-layer Pro Microfiber Pad completely picks up dust, pollen, dirt and cleaning liquid. This ensures that the damp pane of glass can be cleaned and dried without leaving behind any streaks.

Step 4:


And Bob’s your uncle! The result? Quickly and simply achieving professional, streak-free, clean windows in just one “swipe”.

With UNGER, you are the pro in your own home!

We explain here how to set up your WindowPro correctly.

Step 5:


With UNGER, you are the pro in your own home!

We explain here how to set up your WindowPro correctly.

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