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Tool for cleaning windows.

Got a little bit of time on your hands and thinking, those windows or that conservatory glass needs cleaned…Then, of course, you do not want to have to prepare the bucket, washer and squeegee; you’d rather get going straight away. This is possible with the WindowPro. The Pro Microfiber Pad, glass cleaner and batteries come included in the set. It is not only very easy to put the various components together; it is also simple to use. With our step-by-step instructions, you will have your tool for cleaning windows ready in no time at all!


Step 1:

Attach the pad holder

First of all, attach the pad holder to the tool. Simply hold down the locking knob on the back of the holder and slide the tool into the intended channel.

Step 2:

Attach the microfiber pad

Now you can attach the 3-layer pro microfiber cleaning pad to the mounted holder. Tip: to ensure that the pad is completely fixed in place, slide your hand across the pad once.
Incidentally: you can clean up to 50m2 of glass surfaces with each pad – that is equivalent to approx. 30 standard windows. You can then simply wash the pad in the washing machine up to 500 times.

Step 3:

The Batteries

The centerpiece of the WindowPro is the integrated membrane pump which is battery-operated. The compartment intended for the batteries is located on the underside of the body of the tool and can be easily opened by hand.

Step 4:

Insert the batteries

Practical: the two AA batteries (3V) required for the membrane pump are already provided! You can thus put them straight into the tool and close the battery compartment.

Step 5:

Open the flap

Before you can start cleaning windows, you must first fill the tank with the provided glass cleaner. You can find the tank on the rear side of the tool; it is covered by a flap. Open the flap and unscrew the screw cap.

Step 6:

Pour the cleaning liquid into the tank

Now simply pour the cleaning liquid into the tank. The provided UNGER glass cleaner is efficient and ideal for use with the WindowPro. It will ensure that you can achieve best cleaning results. There is enough for approx. 77m2, i.e. roughly 45 standard windows.
However, if needs be, you can also use traditional, alcohol-based glass cleaners.
Now you can get going and clean windows, glass surfaces or even mirrored glass easily, quickly and professionally in just one “swipe” – leaving them sparkling and streak-free.

Step 7 (optional):

Attach the pole

Need to work at height, clean skylights, conservatory roof or reach difficult-to-access areas? No problem! The separately available extension pole is perfectly suited to working at heights of up to 2.80m. The spraying mechanism can be simply triggered by pressing a spray button on the handle of the pole.
In order to attach the pole to the WindowPro, simply click the pole into the intended opening. If you hear a clicking noise, quickly check whether the pole is fixed securely – and Bob’s your uncle!

Step 8:

By the way!

It is both easy and effective to use the WindowPro – you can find out here how you, too, can achieve streak-free windows.

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