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How to clean frames and windows

As pleasant as a bright spot in the warm is, the view is only as good as you can see out. Cleaning a conservatory requires effective tools and a little bit of time. It is also necessary to clean the numerous window surfaces frequently due to the accumulation of pollen. We show you how you can do without an expert and achieve professional cleaning results all by yourself!

Achieving your goal with a waterfed pole

The right tools are the essential thing when it comes to cleaning conservatories. It is best to purchase a water-fed pole, a washer and a squeegee for outdoor cleaning. The advantage? Thanks to the ease of use of the pole and its perfect ergonomics, you can do without a ladder. The brush is constantly supplied with water by the water-fed pole and is thus able to rinse away the washed dirt – the best way to achieve streak-free windows. Incidentally, soft bristles have turned out to be particularly effective here; they are perfectly suited to both glass and plastic surfaces. You can also optimally remove any residual water by means of an integrated rubber blade. Find out here how you can achieve perfect, streak-free windows indoors, too.

Cleaning window frames and seals

Clean window panes are only half of the whole story; you should never neglect the window frames and seals. The frame is generally made of aluminum, plastic or wood. Important: when cleaning, avoid using aggressive cleaning agents in order to not corrode – and potentially damage – the material. Lukewarm water and a professional window-cleaning concentrate are the best choice for optimal cleaning results. When cleaning the glass wall and ceiling elements, wipe the lower edge areas particularly carefully – and from the outside, too. The majority of dirt tends to accumulate in these lower areas. Dew and rainwater also collects there. If moss has to be removed from windows and insulating elements, no sharp objects must be used here, because these could damage both the glass and the insulation sealing.

Professional Quality from UNGER


In general, the following applies for conservatories: with the experience we have been able to gain as #1 in the professional window cleaning trade, UNGER provides you with the best support for achieving optimal cleaning results. Turn yourself into a real pro!

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