Garden furniture – how to clean teak, wooden and plastic furniture

Professional tips for effective maintenance

Many garden enthusiasts leave their garden furniture outside the whole year round and leave it exposed to damaging weather conditions. As soon as the summer edges closer and closer, a layer of dirt, moss or even mold can then be found on their favorite garden furniture. We have the perfect professional tips to make cleaning your garden furniture as simple as possible!


Cleaning metal surfaces and plastic furniture


Paper towels and cleaning spray are not particularly effective when removing stubborn dirt. The desired cleaning results fail to materialize and the dirt is simply not removed. It is better to use a standard detergent, mixed with lukewarm water in a bucket. You then dampen a microfiber cloth with the solution. Start by cleaning the larger items of furniture – the table, for example – and then slowly work your way towards to the smaller furniture. Tip: the soap solution must be left for a couple of minutes to have an effect on strongly adhesive dirt. You then rinse off the furniture with a garden hose and leave them to air dry.

Cleaning wooden and teak furniture


Wooden and teak furniture can be more difficult to clean, because the dirt and the moss can become properly embedded in the wooden pores. In addition to a suitable brush, you should consider purchasing a special cleaning agent for garden furniture. This will ensure that you can not only clean more effectively, but also protect the wood and the coating. Scrubbing brushes have turned out to be particularly effective brushes here, because they powerfully remove dirt and filth from the furniture without causing any scratches. You can also remove moss and dirt from the terrace at the same time – by combining the brush with a water-fed pole. After wooden and teak furniture has been cleaned and you have rinsed off the cleaning solution, you should also leave it to air dry.



in order to provide optimal protection for your garden furniture against rain, snow and cold weather conditions during the cold season, we recommend that you cover the furniture with tarpaulin or that you keep it somewhere where it is protected from the weather. Only then can you guarantee long and satisfactory use of your garden furniture.


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