Façade cleaning – how to remove moss and dirt

Ergonomic working without the need for ladders.

When it comes to façade cleaning, private households tend either not to bother, leading to unsightly external mess or resort to professional cleaning companies, because the cleaning process appears to be laborious and difficult. High outside walls, in particular, ensure that the majority of homeowners shy away from completing the necessary cleaning by themselves! Luckily for them, there are professional tools manufactured and designed by UNGER for this very purpose!

When it comes to cleaning external façades, we recommend using a brush which is compatible with telescopic poles. The reason? You should really try and do without a ladder when cleaning façades for reasons of safety and ergonomics. With a telescopic pole, you can work safely from the ground and also do not have to move the ladder for each and every working step – there is no need for a second person to stabilize the ladder, either. Using a water-fed pole by UNGER, compatible with all standard garden hoses, makes perfect sense. It constantly supplies the brush with water and r rinses away the dirt.

You should also adjust the type of brush you use for façade cleaning depending on the condition of your façade. A harder scrubbing brush, for example, is ideal for stubborn dirt, moss, foliage and even sludge. Do a test in an inconspicuous area beforehand to check whether your façade is suitable for the use of a hard brush.

Softer bristles are better suited to more sensitive façades. We at UNGER offer the perfect product here, too. The special, spliced bristles remove the dirt without scratching the surface. The rounded rubber edges on the brush provide extra protection for the frame and prevent damages being caused during cleaning and drying.

Equipped with the tools manufactured by UNGER, you will be perfectly prepared to clean your own façades! Turn yourself into a real pro and put your trust in our many years of experience. It is certainly worth it!


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