Working safely with a safety scraper!

How to prevent damages and injuries

It is often necessary to use scrapers when cleaning glass windows – particularly if there are stickers, window foils or paint and mortar splashes which need to be removed from the window. When using razor-sharp blades on glass, there is always a very particular challenge: avoiding scratches! Equipped with our tips and the right tool, you can be sure that scratches will be a thing of the past.

Professional tips for optimal results

Whilst glass is generally largely resistant to chemicals, physical influences such as sharp-edged objects can cause serious damage. If a scraper is improperly used to hastily remove a sticker, this can quickly lead to an expensive insurance claim.

Before you begin scraping, you should always check whether the glass is actually scratch-resistant and suitable for the blade at hand. Acrylic glass, crown glass, solar control glass and safety glass (TSG), for example, are not suitable. In the case of doubt, you should ask the window manufacturer or test the scraper in an inconspicuous area. Check the scraper, too. Make sure that the blade is completely intact. If it has any indents or nicks, you should carefully replace it or flip it over. But always bear in mind – please follow the instructions down to a T! An incorrectly fitted blade can cause serious damages and may even injure the user. Before you now start scraping, check the window pane for any damages and avoid these areas when scraping. The damages could grow even bigger and impinge upon the entire window pane.

Use: choose a scraping direction, stick to it and never retract the blade. It is precisely this error which can cause undesirable scratches. The window pane should also always be damp. A little bit of soap or a window cleaning concentrate makes your work simpler and guarantees that the blade glides optimally over the pane and that the contamination will be loosened and ultimately removed.

Important safety information: make sure that you always work away from your body. The blades are razor-sharp and you can prevent injuries by working in such a way. For the same reason, always keep the scraper out of the reach of children.

If you follow these tips, nothing will get in the way of your perfect pre-cleaning results. Do not forget: the whole process will be even better if you have the right scraper – UNGER always has the right professional quality tool just for you! Take a look for yourself!


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