Car & Van Cleaning - how do I clean my car windows?

The Car & Van Combi for better cleaning and visibility

You know the problem: the windows on your car are filthy, but the washing water and the sponge or squeegee at the gas station is even dirtier than your car itself. In addition, dirt and small stones in the gas station washing water or the gas station squeegee can easily result in damages to the windows on your car. We at UNGER have an extremely practical solution for you!

How to prevent streaks and damages

You will always be on the safe side with a combination of a washer and squeegee – especially when there is no gas station in sight. Ultimately, sponges and cloths which you may have in your car cannot remove water efficiently. In addition, this cleaning method would inevitably leave behind streaks and residues. However, with the Car Combi, you will always have a professional tool to hand. You can simply remove stubborn dirt with the MESH protective fabric and, thanks to the practical combined solution, you will have everything that you need in one tool: washer and squeegee. The perfect solution as a wildcard in your trunk – ready to hand at all times.

In order to protect the safety glass of your car windows, you should always wet the MESH fabric beforehand. It is best to do this with a professional cleaning agent – but a bottle of water or the washing water for the windows will do the job, too.

Then you should work from top to bottom and sideways with the rubber blade. Incidentally: the easiest way to prevent streaks is by keeping the washing water as clean as possible and quickly squeegeeing the window. Make sure that your motions overlap slightly when working to ensure that streaks cannot form. And there you have it – clean, streak-free windows thanks to your UNGER professional solution. Safe journey!



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