Glass and window cleaning in the home

Step-by-step instructions for perfect results

Window cleaning is still one of the most unpopular household chores. The correct approach is particularly important here in order to complete the task in a time-saving and efficient manner. If you prepare correctly, use top-quality tools and work in a proper manner, you will save valuable energy and the crystal-clear results that you achieve will keep you completely motivated. Here are some tips from the pros:


Step 1:


To begin with, clear the windowsill and move water-sensitive objects out of the way.
Then crack on quickly and without any other preparation – just like the pros.

Step 2:

Remove stickers, paint or heavy soiling

If you have stickers, paint or other heavy soiling to remove, this should be done before you start window cleaning per se. It is best to use a safety scraper for this purpose. You can get detailed instructions on how to work with safety scrapers here. Warning: glass scrapers may not be used on TSG safety glass; find out here how you can recognize this type of glass as quickly as possible

Step 3:

Glass Cleaning Concentrate

If you want to achieve a streak-free, clean window, use a professional window cleaning concentrate. Add this to lukewarm water in a bucket in accordance with the recommended mixing ratio. Incidentally: always put the water in first and then the window cleaning concentrate to avoid unnecessary foam formation.

Step 4:

Avoid scratches

Now check the microfiber sleeve of the washer and the rubber of the squeegee for any small dust particles, other dirt as well as any cracks. These may cause scratches on the glass surface. If everything is in good condition, you can get going!

Step 5:

Clean the frame first

Clean the frame of the window first: you should wash the frame from top to bottom with a microfiber cloth or a chamois and the pre-prepared cleaning solution. You may also want to use a telescopic pole here. Simply clip the microfiber cloth onto the tip of the pole and then use to clean the frame. If you are using a washer instead of a chamois, please refer to point 6.

Step 6:

Clean the pane

Soak the washer in the bucket containing the water and the window cleaning concentrate and then let it drip off or, if necessary, wring the washer out. The washer should not be too wet; nonetheless, it should have enough cleaning solution to clean the pane at hand. Now you can start to clean the pane from top to bottom in circular motions (see image). Incidentally: if you find it difficult to reach the upper part of the window, we recommend a telescopic pole. This is much safer and more efficient than using a ladder.

Step 7:

Streak-free cleaning

In order to prevent streaking, you should now quickly remove the cleaning liquid with a squeegee. Position the squeegee in the top left corner and work from left to right in S-shaped motions (see image). Alternatively, you can move the squeegee from top to bottom. Make sure that your movements always overlap slightly in order to prevent streaking. Absorb any excess water with the washer in your other hand. To do this, hold the washer under the squeegee whilst you are completing your S-shaped motions. Tip: professional squeegee rubber blades guarantee streak-free results. This is definitely not the time or place to try and save money!

Step 8:

Pick up remaining traces

You can pick up any remaining traces of water on the lower part of the window with a microfiber cloth and then rub the area dry. All done!


Professional Quality from UNGER

From buckets, through cleaning concentrates, to squeegees – UNGER always provides you with optimal professional quality for the entire cleaning process. Make sure that your efforts really are worth it and that window cleaning becomes an energy-saving and pleasant experience – one which is rewarded with the best results. Put your trust in UNGER – professional quality for your own home!

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