Squeegee rubber blades – how can I recognize good quality?

The right tool = streak-free windows

The quality of a squeegee rubber blade plays THE crucial rule when it comes to window cleaning. Only if you have the right quality will you even have a chance of getting streak-free windows. Professionals know this and know how to recognize the quality of a rubber blade immediately. Only then can they be sure that they will achieve optimal results in their everyday cleaning work. Here are our professional tips for you to use in your home:

You can always recognize a good squeegee rubber blade from its even surface. It all comes down to the professional processing during the manufacture of the silicone-free rubber compound. The raw material mass made of natural rubber, latex milk, oil and plasticizers is pressed through microscopically fine sieves several times until it has the perfect consistency. Quality manufacturers then do not press this viscous mixture into finished forms; rather, they produce double stripes and separate these down the middle with a razor-sharp blade. Only then can the rubber blade get its characteristic sharp edge which is the secret for achieving perfect, streak-free results.

A top-quality rubber blade is thus always cut on the working edge and not just shaped. In the case of doubt, you can test the sharpness of the edge with your finger. Incidentally, the general rule for all rubber blades, no matter whether soft or hard, is: the top quality of the blade will only be preserved over long periods of time if it is used carefully and stored flat in a dry area away from direct sunlight.

You can only get top-class squeegee rubber blades like the ones that professionals use in their everyday working lives from UNGER. You are certain to notice the difference on your windows. Quality is definitely worth it!


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