Telescopic poles – safe working without the need for ladders

How to clean difficult-to-access areas

When cleaning windows, the question often arises as to how we can clean areas at inaccessible heights – particularly if there is no ladder to hand or a ladder is not to be recommended for the risk of falling through the open window. And it is not only old-style apartments with high ceilings which can be difficult as far as this is concerned. Even normal window heights can cause difficult problems for shorter people. There is only one solution here: telescopic poles!

Perfect ergonomics and safety

Most accidents still take place in the home. It can be dangerous to work on an open window and to quickly move chairs around as a working aid. Although a ladder is high-risk in itself, a chair should not be seen as an alternative under any circumstances. In addition, you should also keep one eye on ergonomics and working efficiency – especially when working on large-scale window surfaces. Working from the floor is much safer and can be done considerably faster.

UNGER has always attached great importance to safe and efficient methods of working, because only then can professional window cleaners manage to get through their everyday working lives with ease. That is why all of our brushes, dusters, squeegees and tools for window cleaning are compatible with our telescopic poles. They are easy to combine and can be flexibly adapted depending on the requirements. In short: the optimal working tool for fast and simple window cleaning. The strong connection created by the locking cone, in particular, shows you exactly how the product has been thought out by pros, for pros. Before you get your hands on any UNGER cleaning product, we have already conducted endless series of tests with real cleaning professionals and independent institutions. You will be able to sense this during every single working step and will clearly be able to see it from the professional end results.

Put your trust in the tried-and-tested UNGER professional quality for your own home – it is certainly worth it.


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