How you can work ergonomically when cleaning windows!

Saving energy with the right tool

An ergonomic manner of working is necessary – especially for professional window cleaners – in order to be able to cope with the strains and requirements of everyday working life. You can also benefit from ergonomic ways of working in your own window cleaning tasks if you use the right tools and take advantage of professional and tried-and-tested knowledge and expertise.

Professional experience for your own window cleaning

“Ergonomics” refers to the science of human performance capabilities and optimum working conditions. The goal is to improve the well-being of humans and their overall performance. In the cleaning trade, physical ergonomics is of course the most important factor. Working posture, dealing with materials, repetitive movements, work-related diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the design of the workplace as well as health and safety are just some of the most important aspects of physical ergonomics. We at UNGER focus closely on the physical problems which window cleaners may face in their everyday work. This particularly concerns working in demanding environments as well as the effort and energy required to complete cleaning tasks. In short: cleaning personnel require tools which work with them and not against them. No matter whether it is in the home or in the professional world.

New materials and designs make an important contribution to improving working conditions. Aluminum, for example, helps in the production of light and easy-to-use poles. The advantage? The poles are nonetheless strong and stable enough to guarantee optimal control.

Handles represent another area in which we have driven forward significant developments. No matter on what kind of tool they are located, they are always designed in such a way that minimizes the strain on the hand and the wrist. At the same time, they are made of materials which sit more comfortably and better in the hand. They provide good grip in damp conditions and are guaranteed to give the user a pleasant feeling – even when they are working outdoors in the cold.

Your advantage? We at UNGER work closely with professional cleaning personnel and involve them in the research and development process. After all, only professionals have the required practical experience to make working in your own home as simple as possible!

So, put your trust in UNGER and our tried-and-tested and proven ergonomics. It is certainly worth it!


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