Safety scrapers – how to replace the blade correctly!

Prevent serious injuries and risks

With their razor-sharp blades, safety scrapers are a considerable potential hazard – both for the window pane and for yourself. In addition to correctly using a glass scraper, you should thus also master changing the blade. Here’s how it’s done!

Only use flawless blades

The general rule for glass scrapers: it is better to replace the blade more frequently than to cause undesirable damage to the glass or the stove when it is too late. The reasons for replacing a blade are varied. From broken and filthy, sticky blades to blunted edges and rust – a lot speaks in favor of replacing the blade. It is also important to replace a bent blade. In short: please only use completely flawless top-quality blades; otherwise, you may end up with serious damage and injuries.

When replacing the blade, you should never actually touch it with bare hands! Pull the blade out of the safety scraper as far as possible. Then hold the scraper tight and press the blade down sideways onto a suitable, hard surface to prize it out of the socket. Keep in mind: make sure that the surface cannot be damaged in the process! Then position the new blade and press it sideways into the surface again until it has completely glided into the socket. And that’s it – nothing will stand in the way of you getting back to work with your scraper.

You should always ensure that your tool is up to professional standards – but even more so when completing safety-relevant work such as glass scraping with razor-sharp blades. UNGER offers you precisely the quality that real pros are accustomed to in their everyday working lives. Put your trust in our tools, too!


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