Backwater – how to work with water squeegees

Effective cleaning with water squeegees

Even in the home, there are situations in which larger amounts of water accumulate and must be absorbed by the floor or moved in the direction of a drain. Whether in sanitary facilities or in the basement, on steps and terraces or in the garage – a simple cloth and bucket approach is often too time-consuming and extremely ineffective. We have the right solution for you!

The right water squeegee

When water accumulates and has nowhere to escape, the use of a water squeegee is absolutely essential. A water squeegee or floor squeegee– allows the user to easily clear away the water from the respective floor surface without any problems whatsoever. The only important thing here is that you decide on a working direction – i.e. in which direction you will clear away the water – from the very outset (before you begin working). We recommend that you use the water squeegee to move the water towards an exit or a drain. The choice of the right tool here completely depends on the size and the style of the area to be cleaned. You should have professional equipment in various models and sizes available – this will make your work so much easier. The advantage for you? A water squeegee allows you to work extremely quickly even if you have no notable previous experience of using them. To ensure that you do not leave behind any streaks, you should not press down on the water squeegee too firmly and you should only move the cleaning blade of the water squeegee gently in the predetermined direction – i.e. towards the exit or the drain. The quality of the rubber blade is crucial here – you should thus use a professional squeegee with a foam rubber blade.

The UNGER AquaDozer will help you immeasurably if you are dealing with large amounts of water. Thanks to its special wave-like shape, it moves twice as much water as traditional water squeegees!

Put your trust in the proven professional quality of UNGER tools when choosing your squeegee. It is certainly worth it!


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