Gripping aids – how to reach difficult-to-access areas

Optimal assistance for waste disposal

Whether in the home or in the garden – waste disposal in difficult-to-access areas quickly becomes a painstaking task. Constant bending over or climbing ladders is not ergonomic, harbours avoidable risks and unnecessarily complicates housework! We at UNGER have the perfect tool for this purpose!

Waste disposal

Waste disposal tasks should be ergonomic, hygienic and simple to complete in private outdoor facilities and buildings, too – particularly when difficult-to-access areas make the cleaning process even more difficult. A gripping aid is precisely the right tool here!


The use of a gripper is perfectly suited to picking up and collecting waste and fruit. The gripper is also the perfect companion for collecting leaves – without the need to strain your back. If leaves are left lying around, this does not necessarily damage the plant cultivation – however, it quickly gives your garden an unkempt appearance.

In the home

A gripper is the perfect companion and aid for effective cleaning – especially in the home. The gripping aid is not only the perfect working instrument for shorter people, since difficult-to-access areas, e.g. on tall shelves and in cupboards, pose a fundamental challenge for everybody. The gripping aid ensures that you can simply do without steps or a ladder.

You will always be on the safe side with a gripper manufactured by UNGER, because our tools are proven to be up to professional standards. A magnet on the gripper helps you to pick up small metallic objects and the swivel head is also perfectly suited to narrow gaps und ruts. In short: UNGER offers you the perfect tools for picking up all kinds of waste. Put your trust in us – it is certainly worth it!


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