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When it comes to housework, dusting can be a particular pain. Dusting requires particular care and prudence for reasons relating both to aesthetics and to health. Following an incorrect cleaning procedure or not effectively dealing with the actual cause of house dust, i.e. dust mites, can have unpleasant consequences – especially for those who suffer from a dust allergy.

House dust is only so unpleasant because it is often located in difficult-to-access areas such as cupboard surfaces, lamps and high shelves. Equipped with the right products manufactured by us as well as tips and tricks from the pros, you can achieve results which will astound you. The special power of UNGER’s products lies not only in our past professional experience, but also in the innovations which have arisen from that experience. Traditional cotton dust cloths and dusters only push together the dust rather than entrapping it. UNGER microfiber dusters pick up the dust like a magnet and capture it securely thanks to their static charge – an advantage that should not be underestimated when it comes to dusting.

Be inspired by our professional tips and take your skills to the next level. It is certainly worth it!


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