Microfiber cloths – how to use them correctly

Professional tips for your microfiber cloth use

If you prefer to do without harsh cleaning agents when cleaning your household for reasons relating to environmental protection and health, a microfiber cloth is always a good choice. The reason? It delivers astounding results – and with just warm water. Here’s what you should bear in mind when using and maintaining your cloths!


After purchasing


If you have just bought your cloth, you should first look for the washing instructions. These can be found either on a small note on the product or on the packaging. Important: wash your cloths before using them for the first time. It is completely normal for cloths to become slightly fluffy when first washed. The true cleaning power will then unfold.

Washing microfiber cloths


When washing microfiber cloths, you should choose the “Easy-Care” wash program (or similar) on your washing machine and always wash the cloths separately or at least in a washing bag. As far as the spin cycle is concerned, you should not exceed approx. 1000 spins. Important: never use fabric softener, because it may damage the microfiber cloths. Carefully shake the cloths in all directions before hanging them up to ensure that the fibers straighten up and are no longer stuck together. This will make the cloths nice and soft. If you tumble dry the cloths, the fibers will straighten up by themselves and there is no need to shake them. Choose a low temperature and a gentle cycle for drying the cloths. When the cloths are dry, you can shake them once again or “comb through” them with a hand brush; this will guarantee that the cloths are even softer.

First-class professional quality

For impressive cleaning results and first-class professional quality, we recommend the microfiber cloths manufactured by UNGER. Our top-quality microfiber cloths may be washed up to 500x! You will get the quality that pros are so accustomed to in their everyday work in your own home. Give it a crack – it is certainly worth it!

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