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Dusting in the home is a laborious matter, because many affected areas are difficult to access. From experience, plenty of dust accumulates on cupboards, lamps and shelves; if you attempt to remove the dust with the wrong tool, it will just be thrown into the air and not actually removed. Here are some of the most effective products!


For difficult-to-access areas

Microfiber dust gloves are perfect for cleaning shelves, display cases, chests of drawers, sideboards and similar. Thanks to the shape of the glove, you can effortlessly reach areas which you otherwise would have had to clear or which you would not have been able to access at all. They are also particularly well suited to radiators or dashboards in a car. UNGER’s microfiber hand gloves are extremely effective thanks to their dual-sided technology: you can use the blue side damp or dry for universal cleaning; the green side allows you to simply pick up large amounts of dust thanks to the microfiber fringes. Of course, the gloves can also be washed and thus have a long service life.

For sensitive surfaces


A duster made of lambs’ wool is a real dust magnet and binds dust thanks to the oils in the lambs’ wool. A duster made of lambs’ wool is perfectly suited to sensitive surfaces. When combined with the flexibility of a telescopic pole, angled and high-up corners and edges can be accessed without any problems at all.

For large surfaces and lots of dust

The microfiber duster and the microfiber feather duster not only pick up dust with their fine microfibers; they also capture it securely. A microfiber duster and a microfiber feather duster can pick up 15 times or 20 times as much dust respectively compared to a traditional cotton duster. The static charge prevents the dust from being thrown around. The two flexible dusters are thus particularly well suited to larger surfaces such as cupboards, shelves, display cases and intricate objects. The removable microfiber sleeve can be washed separately in the washing machine. When combined with a telescopic pole, you get a perfect tool designed for working from the safety of the ground. No more tedious and dangerous ladders!

The microfiber cloth for all surfaces

The Universal Microfiber Cloth is a top-quality cloth for all surfaces. The microfiber cloth stands out not just because it can absorb extremely high levels of dirt, but also because it can be used both dry and damp.

You can find out more about the advantages of microfiber and how it works here.


Equipped with our professional products for your own home, you will take your dust removing skills to the next level!

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