Dusting – how best to remove

Professional tips for perfect dust removal in your home

Regular dusting is very important in the home – for reasons relating to both health and hygiene. Here are some professional tips on how to best remove dust.

To begin with, wipe the areas concerned with a damp microfiber cloth. Always work from top to bottom to ensure that no dirt and dust falls onto areas which have already been cleaned. The perfect aid here is a duster which you should combine with a telescopic pole in the best-case scenario. This will ensure that you can avoid dangerous work on a ladder which you also constantly have to move. If you want to fight dust effectively, you should now vacuum clean the entire room in order to remove coarse dirt. Unfortunately, brushes and brooms only help to a certain extent when removing dust, because the dust tends to just be thrown up into the air. Once it falls to the floor, you should wipe the floor with a damp floor mop. Incidentally: you can find out more here how you can complete your floor cleaning tasks most effectively.

Make sure that you proceed carefully when removing dust from electrical appliances. This will ensure that you prevent ventilation openings from clogging up. However, you should not attempt to dust the screen of the television – there are special cleaning cloths available for this. If the screen is only dusty and not dirty, you can actually use the duster (but be gentle). Incidentally: microfiber dust gloves are particularly recommended for all of these works, because dusty objects do then not have to be moved out of the way. Additional advantage: traditional cotton dust cloths only push together the dust rather than entrapping it. Microfiber dusters and dust gloves pick up dust like a magnet and capture it securely thanks to their static charge.

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