Dust mites – how to reduce the number of pests

Professional tips for ensuring that you can breathe in clean air

Those who suffer from dust allergies, in particular, are all too aware of dust mites, of which up 1.5 million live in each and every bed. It is their excrement which triggers allergies and which makes the lives of many people extremely difficult. If you follow these tips, you may reduce the number of dust mites in your home!

The dust mite’s favorite source of food is our dead skin flakes which can be found on our mattresses. It is for this reason that mites feel happiest when they are in our warm and sometimes clammy beds. Their feces dry out and then break down into very small particles which we inevitably breathe in together with house dust. It is exactly this which results in allergies for vulnerable people. Allery sufferers should thus cover their mattresses with allergen-proof encasings. It is also recommended that they regularly wash the bed linen at not less than 60 degrees Celsius. If you suffer from a severe allergy, you may also want to invest in allergen-proof barrier covers; these can be purchased from specialist retailers.

Since mites love moderately warm temperatures and humid surroundings, it is a good idea to make their living conditions as unpleasant as possible. Frequently airing the room and the beds helps here. The fresh air reduces the levels of air humidity and ensures that the bed linen and mattress can dry thoroughly. You should also avoid eiderdown quilts and feather-containing duvets and pillows and instead use synthetic materials. What’s more, it is recommended that you replace all mattresses which you have had for more than seven years. Where at all possible, do without rugs. However, if you do not want to get rid of all of your rugs, at least clean these regularly with an anti-mite spray. Make sure that your vacuum cleaner has a microfilter to ensure that you do not release the allergens back into the air after you have finished vacuuming.

Put cuddly toys and cushions in the freezer for 24 hours. This kills the mites, but does not remove their excrement. It is thus important to wash them at not less than 60 degrees in order to round off your anti-mite cleaning program.

We at UNGER hope that these professional tips will allow you to live a mite-free life!