Cobwebs – how to remove them gently and effectively

The optimal brush for dust and dirt

Everyone has come across them, yet no one wants to see them: cobwebs are an annoying eyesore in apartments and houses, best kept to the garden. They also pose a challenge when cleaning, especially in difficult-to-access areas – such as in the conservatory, on ceilings, round light fittings or in corners. We at UNGER have exactly the right solution!

The advantage? Rough bristles

In addition to the frequently difficult accessibility of cobwebs, there is generally a risk of staining or damaging the wallpaper when attempting to remove them. This is where you require a very particular brush with spliced bristles. The roughened surface of the bristles ensures that cobwebs are securely retained without damaging the underlying surface. You can also effortlessly remove dirt and dust which accumulates in the corners of the room ceiling thanks to the special shape of the brush head.

Another advantage: since the brush is completely compatible with UNGER telescopic poles, you can do without a ladder for household cleaning – a safe manner of working from the ground rather than attempting risky maneuvers at great heights. This is an unbeatable advantage, especially in the household where the majority of accidents generally happen!

Put your trust in the ergonomically optimized tools manufactured by UNGER and turn yourself into a real pro. It is certainly worth it!


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