UNGER – The #1 in professional window cleaning

Professional quality in your own home

UNGER products offer you an unbeatable advantage when it comes to everyday household cleaning tasks: true professional quality which has been tested in the hard world of work and which always guarantees best results. Our products stand for perfect ergonomics and maximum efficiency - . You can complete your housework not only more easily, but also much faster – giving you more time  to focus on the more enjoyable things in life. With an UNGER product, you know that you will get the exact same quality that professionals use in their everyday work. And since there is no room nor time for false promises in professional work, you can always trust that an UNGER tool will be a top-class tool of the trade.

The particular advantages of our cleaning products are the result of our unique company history: UNGER was founded in Germany in 1964 by the professional window cleaner Henry Unger with the unwavering support of his wife Barbara. And who is better placed to recognize and analyze the problems than a professional window cleaner?

Established by professionals, transferred to home users.

Since the 1990s, we at UNGER have also been producing a range of products for the at home user. This product range is not only specially adapted to your needs – it also incorporates our many years of experience in developing products for professionals. In the process, the global research and development team acts as the innovative driving force behind new products. And that is how UNGER became an internationally active company which is considered as the number one in the window cleaning trade today.

At UNGER, we always work closely with professional cleaning experts and thus gain important insights for the further development of products and innovations which revolutionize the future and simplify everyday life. It is our aim to help everyone to achieve perfect results without chemicals, to ensure that you can work in a better, simpler and more efficient manner and that you can benefit from our many years of experience and products. Turn yourself into a real pro for perfect cleaning results in your own home!